Rebrand and Website Redesign for Christina Seix Academy

The Christina Seix Academy is a one-of-a-kind private school located in Trenton, NJ. Challenging the typical private school model, they provide full scholarships to local children from disadvantaged families. They also provide health and wellness services to the students’ families as a way to improve the entire community.

With a few years of experience under their belts, the administrators at Christina Seix Academy looked to kingzitech to help them create a web presence and brand that communicated their spirit and mission.


The Academy was struggling to communicate its unique value to current and prospective student families. The admission criteria and process were unclear and the beautiful, new campus wasn’t featured. More importantly, families couldn’t see the opportunities and supportive culture CSA had to offer.


Create a new brand and website that reinforces CSA’s mission to be a friendly, community-focused and forward-thinking institution.

 Services: Branding, Web design


A brand needs to carry the values and vision of the organization. It should represent who a company is and what it represents. Our process begins with a discovery phase to fully understand our client and their vision for the future. With client feedback at each step, we then use three rounds of design to create an exceptional final product.

-- OLD LOGO --

 The Branding Process

Through our discovery process, we learned that the client was looking for clean, bold typographic solutions. We wanted to incorporate the CSA school colors to pay tribute to the current CSA brand.

In the first round of our branding process, we took these concepts and experimented with a wide variety of logo marks and layouts to gauge CSA’s taste and preferences.



CSA was drawn to the first two options in Design Round A. They liked the movement of the shapes on the left as well as the cleanliness of the typography in contrast to the bright colors. We used the feedback and guidance to refine our options and find the right mark and logotype for CSA.


In the third and final round of design we focused on the mark and typography color options until we came up with a brand that successfully matched their style and communicated their values and vision.

--  FINAL LOGO  --

Brand Guide

We created an extensive brand guide for Christina Seix Academy in order to provide an overview of the visual identity as well as guidelines on using the key graphic elements of that identity. The brand guide includes the logo, tagline, typeface, and brand colors. In addition, it functions as a location to download many key brand assets in a variety of colors and formats.

CSA had an existing color scheme that meant a lot to them. What school doesn’t have school colors? We took it a step further. We decided that as part of the new brand guidelines, each color would represent a unique facet of the school to create a consistent and unified system for the future.

 Services: Branding, Web design

Website Design

With a refreshed brand and new photography, we moved into the website redesign. There’s no substitute for a real life tour of the campus, but we wanted the website to give our audience the feeling of warmth and community that Christina Seix Academy offers when you visit in person.

We designed each page of the new website to fully immerse visitors, focusing on a fresh look and feel that conveyed the school’s message and personality. The responsive design allows for the best experience for all visitors, no matter what size their screen is or what device they’re on.


CSA’s Homepage

The Goals

We had three main goals with the new Christina Seix Academy website.

  1. Introduce the new CSA Brand.
  2. Quickly explain the value proposition of the school.
  3. Drive qualified families to the admission page to begin the admission process.

The brand went through a serious evolution in the web design process and it’s especially apparent in visual details like the mobile menu and the social media icons in the footer.

For the second goal we focused on introducing the academic and family programs as they are major selling points. We also created clear user paths to learn more about the students lives and family stories.

In addition, we developed an interactive campus map to give a better feel for the layout of the campus. The website is full of vibrant imagery to get a feel for the school before ever setting foot on campus– an important concern since many of the students live on campus.

The third goal was about educating families on the main criteria for a student to be considered for admission. The website now clearly defines everything parents need to know before applying and what to expect if their children have the opportunity to attend Christina Seix Academy.

The new brand and website have led to a more organized admissions process and an increase in qualified staff and faculty applicants.

 “The kingzitech is a creative, adaptive, self-aware and energetic agency that are extremely passionate about their work.

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